Authentic or Phishing?

A Facebook Scam is Making the Rounds

I have had multiple clients sending me emails that LOOK like they are from Facebook, Meta or some combined version of the two.

Often the emails are saying something to the effect of: Your ad account is disabled due to unauthorized use of copyrighted content OR Your page is soon to be deactivated due to the use of copyrighted content.

They are very vague, offer absolutely no details of what you might have actually done and all have a very distinct call to action – Click here to appeal.

Don’t click the link! 

What To Do:

First, check the email address from the sender.

If it is not from one of the following then just delete it. I received this list directly from a representative at Meta. (Yes, I have that superpower. LOL – no I can tell anyone how to chat with them. Just ask me. 😉 )

“You can confirm if the representative is affiliated with Meta by checking their email address, which may include one of the following: * @[email protected] * @[email protected] * ( * ( * ( * ( * @[email protected] * @[email protected] * (”

Again, if it’s not from one of those on the list then delete and move on with your day. You are just fine.

If you are still concerned even though the email is not from one of the above addresses, then go to your Facebook profile and check your notifications.

Don’t see anything? You are all good. A deletion notice is big and bold and they put them everywhere.

Lastly, you can go to your email and search for Facebook in the inbox associated with your business page and/or ask any of the admins in your business manager to check their emails as well. If only one of you has received the email, then it is more than likely a scam.

Remember, these emails LOOK legit. So take a moment and check them out. Then delete the emails, make sure you have double authentication enabled for everyone on your accounts and know that your Facebook page is secure.

If you have questions or concerns about your accounts then comment below or reach out to us. All of our info is on our contact page.

Have a wonderful holiday season and stay safe!