I know. I know.

We don’t want to talk about it…it’s the end of July and we are talking about *gasp!* the holidays.

I swear the summer just began and I’m sure I am not the only one…but the reality is that August is closing in. With that, the realization that before we know it, the holiday decorations are going to be bombarding our favorite stores, and the sales will be beginning.

two women looking at their phones with a holiday background - holiday tips Venturewrite blogThe Current Holiday Market

The pandemic pushed most people online to do their holiday shopping, for many of us it was the only place to shop! Now that the world has opened up again, there are still a great majority of people that have stayed online.

What does this mean? In the simplest of terms – you need to be where your shoppers are. If they stayed online but you need or want them to come to your brick-and-mortar, then you need to be a bit more flexible. If they found you online, then you need to work to keep them on your online store.

Small white rocking horse being put on a tree - for holiday tips Venturewrite blogBrick & Mortar Holiday Tips

  1. Set up a way for your customers to shop online and pick up in store
  2. Create a holiday incentive to buy in-store – what unique in-person experience could you offer your customers?
  3. Begin marketing ONLINE and give them options on and offline to increase their convenience and your sales
  4. Create your promotions calendar now – what events can you have to bring more people into your store? Do they need to all be sales or could they be gathering events for a special holiday product release?
  5. If you haven’t started your email list, then do that NOW. This is gold for many businesses and these are your current and past shoppers. Begin an email newsletter to reach them on a regular basis and offer exclusive newsletter promos.

What if you are an online-only business? So glad you asked. 😉

man holding a small gift box behind his back - holiday tips VENTUREWRITE blogOnline Only Holiday Tips

  1.  Be where your customers are – what platform will be the most effective for you to network your business and how will you present the benefits of shopping with you?
  2. Schedule your posts for your large events and ensure that you are marketing your big events 6 weeks beforehand. (Hint: We offer a social media “holiday” list every month for our website subscribers.)
  3. Create an ad budget now for the holidays. My most effective clients spend a minimum of $500 a month on Facebook and Instagram and $300-$500 on Pinterest.
  4. Connect with Influencers in your industry. TikTok is blowing up and is not showing any signs of slowing down. As a business, you don’t need to post – let the creatives at TikTok do it for you. This can be an investment with a single campaign costing $1k or more depending on the creator. You can also look for micro-influencers who tend to be less expensive, but also have less reach.
  5. Use your email list. As an online company, you build it with every purchase. Make sure you are using your newsletters by marketing to specific groups within your overall list and then the main list as well.

The shoppers that have stayed online have also chosen to start shopping EARLIER. Yes, those shoppers that were starting in October are now starting in August. The kids go back to school and they start knocking items off their list. How does this time shift affect you and your marketing? You need to shift too.

snowy streetscape with lighted buildings and streetlights - holiday tips VENTUREWRITE blogHoliday Timing Tips

The world is opening up but still worried – so people are shopping earlier to avoid any issues with availability and supply line transportation issues. How do you set yourself up to meet these demands?

  1. Be honest with your clients – will you have these select items in November? If not, let them know! These are limited-time items – a perfect gift for that someone on your list.
  2. Set up “Holiday Themed” events – special shopping times for those who are getting a start early. If they are going to start early – then cater to them!
  3. Create the perfect gift set online and in-store. This should be done next month, see August, to have them ready to launch in September. A gift set is an easy grab and something that they can add to their cart when they are purchasing something for themselves.
  4. Create evergreen content that will work for the entire holiday season now. This will help you keep your online presence active when things start to really get busy.
  5. If you aren’t on Pinterest – get there now! The trends have been on point for the last several years and people are currently shopping for their Thanksgiving and other holiday decorations now.

What have you done in the past that has served your marketing plan well?
How will you adjust this year?
Let us know in the comments!

Good luck with your holiday planning my friends. And as always, if you need any help don’t hesitate to reach out!