Social Media for small businesses can be seen as extremely overwhelming. I get it. If you are a small entrepreneur, or micro – meaning you only have one person in your business, it can seem dang near impossible to figure out this whole social media thing. Good news – I’m hear to help you out.

Let’s talk about strategy and what this whole thing is that I call the “Power 5”. This isn’t really a new concept. This amazingly smart woman named Chalene Johnson actually talked about it on a podcast a while back. (If you don’t follow her or don’t know of her, go look her up now. She is amazing.) The idea is this – think of the 5 best customers that you have right now. Now, think of their 5 best characteristics. When you think of each persons’ characteristics, my guess is that they are going to have some in common, correct? This is good news! You have just created your posting strategy.

What you want to do now is take those 5 characteristics and set them aside. What are the 17 birthday ideas for the-2top 5 things that you want people to know about your company? Is it how you live your mission? Your excellent customer service? Your drive for perfection or just what your company does?

Now, take the 5 things you want people to know about your company and put them next to
the 5 characteristics of your customers. Here is the challenging part. How will you present those 5 things about your company to the people that have the characteristics of your best customers? For example: if you are a small business and one of the characteristics is that your best customers are entrepreneurs, then you will want to post about tips and tricks that will help small businesses excel. You would post articles that you have created sharing tips of how you can help small businesses through your company, but also articles and information from other blogs and entrepreneurs. No one likes a brag board – so make sure you share your information and also information that you find helpful from other sources.

Why else would you share from other businesses and other bloggers?  No one person knows everything. Even Warren Buffet reads the paper, multiple ones actually, everyday to learn more about the world and business, trends etc. Sharing others content also shows that you are seeking to improve yourself, your business and that you want to help others as well. Don’t be selfish with your knowledge, become not only an expert in your field but also a company that shares expert knowledge that they find.

Now, back to your 5. At this point you have the types of things you can post about to your customers that will appeal to their best characteristics. From this list, choose your best 5. You want a concise and clear strategy.  This is all about attraction marketing, so keep it clean.  Any more than 5 can get fuzzy and your timeline/newsfeed will end up looking like you are throwing darts on a board. Your end product should look something like this image.

Power 5 FINAL

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Let me know below – I would love your feedback!