Has our newest President changed the way that businesses look at Twitter? Have users suddenly flocked to the platform clamoring for a chance to respond to him or just to watch the situation unfold? These were questions I wanted to know the answers to, because one thing is clear, if you didn’t know anything about Twitter – you certainly know what a tweet is now.

When I talk to small businesses I routinely mention Twitter as an excellent platform to Twitter_bird_logo_2012.svgreach millions without filters as they are on Facebook. The reach is completely unhindered (for the most part) if someone is online at that time, and they are following you, they will see your tweet. Even if it doesn’t get a like or retweet, people will see it on their home feed because you wrote it. This is VASTLY different from Facebook where an algorithm and popularity contest rule the newsfeed. Don’t get me wrong – Facebook is still the best place to be for targeted reach and it’s ALWAYS my number one recommended platform – but depending on your demographic, Twitter is a quick second.

When I used to mention Twitter, my clients would say something along the lines of, I’ve heard of that, don’t really know anything about it. Now when I mention it – EVERYONE knows what I am talking about. They understand that it’s a platform for quick talking points and right now, where a LOT of news is coming from. And that, my dear friends, is the real trick in social. You need to be where YOUR demographic is and be able to respond to them, while being in the now.

Should every company hop on Twitter because the President is on there? Well, former Barack Obama's Twitter SnapshotPresident Barack Obama has over 85 million followers and everyone didn’t flock to the platform when he was in office – actually there are about 139 world leaders currently active on Twitter according to one stat site (DMR) – and much to Twitter’s disappointment, the platform doesn’t seem to be gaining double digit followers like it was only a few years ago. Twitter has been trying to redefine itself and hasn’t been able to do it well. Will the current POTUS redefine it for them? Maybe.

It is a quick information platform. Tweet a question with the right hashtag and get an answer in minutes. Want to know what is going on with a game? Search for the team and more than likely you can get a play by play from someone watching it. Keen on political news? Oh – its like catnip to political junkies these days. Every news reporter and political pundit is watching the @realDonaldTrump and @POTUS handles right now and working to respond or get the latest scoop. But what does all this have to do with your small business? Nothing…or everything.

Who is your target audience? And what are you offering? If you offer a service or some type

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of information based business than you could benefit from Twitter. It’s the perfect place
for coaches, business coaches, plumbers, HVAC folks and tradesmen. You can seek out those looking for your services and provide information to those world wide. Can you on Facebook and other platforms? Yes. But you can do it in 140 characters on Twitter, and let’s face it, today’s audience has a very short attention span.

Just like every other platform, there are tricks to using it effectively. There are hashtags and trends, that change daily, hourly, even by the minute depending on the mood of the country. Every trend will not affect your brand – but some will – and if you tweet the right thing at the right time with the right hashtag…a post going viral is a beautiful thing to see for anyone marketing their business.