ROI for Social Media. That is an elusive number. Sure, you can get some great analytics, tell you where your customers may be coming from on the web. How long they stay on your site and whether you were getting some great traction from your posts. Yet, this is not what social media is truly for in its overall sense. Social media is about being SOCIAL. If you have a retail store, then you have to open the door and have customers walk in. When they walk in, then you talk to them, they may buy something that time, maybe not, but the idea is that you will treat them so well that they will want to come back. That second part, the if they don’t buy yet, creating a RELATIONSHIP with them – that is what social media is all about.

You are cultivating a group that is interested in your product and the VALUABLE information that you are

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passing on to them through whatever medium you choose – facebook, twitter, etc. This is where companies are now humanized, where they are within reach of John Q Public and they can feel like they truly have a voice. That’s a big deal, whether you are a small home business or a huge conglomerate like Coca-cola.

People ask why invest today in something like social media often, or I just don’t get how facebook can help my business. If you are B2B, many times its – but companies aren’t on facebook, twitter, etc. You know what? You are correct – companies don’t do anything, the PEOPLE at those companies do EVERYTHING. The world today is based on other peoples experiences and opinions – why did Angie’s List take off? Because people TRUST people. Bottom line.

I get it, its a difficult thing to grasp. Marketing has changed today, its not about how quickly can I turn an ad into revenue, its about attracting your target market and giving them something valuable, its making it worth their time to come and interact with you. So ask yourself this question – today you may not have great business, so what are you doing about it? Are you searching for your demographic where they are? Are you fighting the “squirrel” mentality of focus ONLY on today? Because today is only a blink away from tomorrow.