Social media marketing is a LONG game.

I can say this until I’m blue in the face and people will still want instantaneous results. It would be nice, wouldn’t it? To all of the sudden after a post or two, have an influx of business and never have to worry about a lead coming in.

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Does that happen? Sure. But it’s not usual – that would be the rare viral unicorn that may pop up. And still, those accounts need to maintain their online presence to keep the flow from drying up on them.

This is why I often say that Social Media Marketing is “Cold Calling the Internet”.

You don’t know the people who are seeing your message. Now, we have even less visibility on them with the new privacy and tracking options from Apple. (This is good and bad in my opinion – you can check out my other blog on this here and what to do about it here.)   So you are sending out a message that you hope will attract them to your brand/service/shop.

This sounds daunting, doesn’t it? Not to worry – I have good news for you. 🙂

There is a solution that will make your efforts more fruitful. Maybe not instantaneous, but definitely worth the effort.

The Solution

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Find your niche.

That’s it. You need to go out and find more people who are like you. Who like your brand, who you want to interact with and become friends with. The people in your niche are your future raving fans. People who love your brand so much that they will be sharing it with everyone they know.

I have a blog that can take you step-by-step through figuring out this process – The Power 5 blog. But I will sum it up here.

First Step – Who Are Your Customers Really?

In order to identify your niche, you will want to think of your best 5 customers. Really think about who they are as people – not their professions, but their personality traits. What type of content do they really care about?

I have a dental surgeon who is obsessed with plants. He is on TikTok all day learning about everything he can about different plants – that’s a hobby he loves, and that is an identifier you want if you are a nursery, flower shop, or landscaping company.

We are so much more than our professions. We may love what we do, but on social media, we are often our true, authentic selves and not the same person we may portray at work.

Once you really take a look at your five best customers, I will bet that you will notice a few things that they have in common. Are they all parents? Are they all plant lovers? Dog or cat lovers? Do they live in the same geographic area? What type of cars do they drive? Are they introverts or extroverts? Do they love books and reading or playing video games?

These may not seem like they are important characteristics to know about your customer if you run a business based on other factors, but when you are looking to create relevant social media marketing content for your customers, these little bits of information become very important.

Once you have your customer’s characteristics determined. Think about your own.

Second Step – Think About Your Business & You

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What are the main 5 things that you want people to know about you and your business?

Are you a family-owned business? What is your main business purpose? How do you work to make your purpose a reality for your clients/customers? How does your business benefit your customers/clients and improve their lives?

When you look at these questions you can start to see how the information you are learning about your customers can correlate to the information you are posting about your business. The connections are where the magic happens. When you post about the items that are important to your clients and your business, then they will respond to this content and authentic relationships can be built.

Slowly Build Your Fans

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It is a slow build…at first, you send out your message to a wide and “cold” audience. Then, as you begin to get to know them, as you post and refine your social media marketing, they begin to see your name and they will “warm” up. This is when you can begin to build solid relationships. This takes time and energy, it is an investment in your online presence. Every post and every interaction is worth it because as you invest in your customers, they will invest in you and your business. Eventually, your customers become raving fans and that, my friends, is exactly what you have been building toward.

If you have any questions on determining your power 5 and understanding your niche, then post a comment or reach out to us. We are always happy to help!

Until next time my friends – get out there and raise your voice, go create some raving fans. 😉